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Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy , UdG

(EUSES) University School of Sport and Health

Programme figures

Teaching municipality
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Basic credits 60
Required credits 150
Optional credits 18
Credits Final year project/dissertation (TFG) 12
Field of study
Health Sciences
On-campus/classroom based course type
Work experience
Course duration
Universitat de Barcelona
Universitat de Girona

More information on the study programme

Quality assurance

Admissions and enrolment

New students according to gender

  • Female
  • Male

Admission grades in June

  • Fisioteràpia (docència en anglès) (només per a estudiants espanyols o estrangers amb residència)
  • Fisioteràpia (docència en anglès) (només per a estudiants sense nacionalitat espanyola ni residència a l'estat espanyol)
  • Ciències de l'activitat física i de l'esport / Fisoteràpia (simultaneïtat)

Places filled (%)

Enrolled students according to gender

  • Female
  • Male

Enrolled students according to path of admission (%)

  • Baccalaureate, University Preparation Course (COU) And University Entrance Exam (PAU)
  • Graduate 3-year pre-Bologna degree, Graduate 4-year pre-Bologna degree
  • Vocational training (FP2, CFGS)
  • Univ./Baccalaureate/University Preparation Course (COU)
  • Univ./Vocational training (FP2/CFGS)
  • Other forms of admission


Credit completion rate in first year (%)

Graduates according to gender

  • Female
  • Male

Average number of enrolled credits per student

  • Mean no. enrolled credits per student

Employment outcomes

Graduate employment rate (%)

  • Inactive
  • In employment
  • Unemployed

Graduates who would take the same degree again (%)

  • Yes
  • No

Graduates with a degree-related job (%)

  • Specific functions of the degree
  • Graduate-level job duties and responsibilities
  • Below graduate-level job duties and responsibilities

Gross monthly salary of graduates (%)

  • Under €24,000
  • Over €24,000
  • Under €15,000

Time taken to find first job (%)

  • More than a year
  • Between three months and a year
  • Less than three months