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Master’s Degree in Computer Security Engineering and Artificial Intelligence , URV

ETSE School of Engineering - Tarragona

Programme figures

Teaching municipality
Required credits 36
Optional credits 15
Credits Final year project/dissertation (master) (TFM) 9
Field of study
Engineering and Architecture
On-campus/classroom based and Distance learning course type
Course duration

More information on the study programme

Quality assurance

Admissions and enrolment

New students according to gender

  • Female
  • Male

New students according to nationality (%)

Spanish/Rest of Spain 3
Foreigner 3
Catalan 2
Total 8

Places filled (%)

New students according to enrolled credits (%)

Enrolled in between 50 and 60 ordinary credits 5
Enrolled in between 20 and 30 ordinary credits 3

New admissions according to university system of origin (%)

  • Students from the same university
  • Students from other univeristies in Catalonia
  • Students from other univeristies in Spain
  • Students from foreign universities

Enrolled students according to gender

  • Female
  • Male


Credit completion rate in first year (%)

Graduates according to gender

  • Female
  • Male

Average number of enrolled credits per student

  • Mean no. enrolled credits per student

Employment outcomes