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Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Security and Prevention , UAB

School of Prevention and Integral Safety and Security

Programme figures

Teaching municipality
Cerdanyola del Vallès
Basic credits 60
Required credits 120
Optional credits 48
Credits Final year project/dissertation (TFG) 12
Field of study
Social and Legal Sciences
On-campus/classroom based course type
Course duration

More information on the study programme

Quality assurance

What exactly do we review?

The course curriculum.
Information on the degree that is made publicly available.
The programme’s system of internal quality assurance.
The teachers.
Student support services and resources.
The programme outcomes.
  • A
    Quality-level compliance
  • B
  • C
    Compliant with conditions
  • D

Admissions and enrolment

New students according to gender

  • Female
  • Male

Admission grades in June

  • Prevenció i seguretat integral
  • Prevenció i seguretat integral (en xarxa)

Places filled (%)

New students according to enrolled credits (%)

Enrolled in between 50 and 60 ordinary credits 53
Enrolled in between 20 and 30 ordinary credits 9
Enrolled in between 40 and 50 ordinary credits 7
Enrolled in more than 70 ordinary credits 4
Enrolled in between 30 and 40 ordinary credits 3
Enrolled in between 10 and 20 ordinary credits 1

New students according to nationality (%)

Catalan 70
Foreigner 5
Spanish/Rest of Spain 2
Total 77

Enrolled students according to gender

  • Female
  • Male

Enrolled students according to path of admission (%)

  • Baccalaureate, University Preparation Course (COU) And University Entrance Exam (PAU)
  • Graduate 3-year pre-Bologna degree, Graduate 4-year pre-Bologna degree
  • Vocational training (FP2, CFGS)
  • Univ./Baccalaureate/University Preparation Course (COU)
  • Univ./Vocational training (FP2/CFGS)
  • Age above 25
  • Age above 40
  • Other forms of admission


Credit completion rate in first year (%)

Graduates according to gender

  • Female
  • Male

Average number of enrolled credits per student

  • Mean no. enrolled credits per student

Students abroad according to country


Employment outcomes

Graduate employment rate (%)

  • Inactive
  • In employment
  • Unemployed

Graduates who would take the same degree again (%)

  • Yes
  • No

Graduates with a degree-related job (%)

  • Specific functions of the degree
  • Graduate-level job duties and responsibilities
  • Below graduate-level job duties and responsibilities

Gross monthly salary of graduates (%)

  • Under €24,000
  • Over €24,000
  • Under €15,000

Time taken to find first job (%)

  • More than a year
  • Between three months and a year
  • Less than three months