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Want to know more about the quality of degree courses at university?

The EUC website offers you:

  • A search engine to look up any current recognised university course.
  • A description of each degree course.
  • The most recently published course review reports.
  • Key indicators on admission; student progress, completion and learning outcomes (skills and competences); graduate destinations, career outcomes and employment; and satisfaction.
  • A study programme’s quality label and certificate, which tell you:
    • Whether the degree course has been validated: validation validation is the ex-ante accreditation that all programmes undergo prior to being introduced.
    • Whether the degree course has been accredited: courses must undergo and pass an external review (evaluation) known as as accreditation , once every six years in the case of undergraduate (Bachelor’s) and doctoral degree courses, and once every four years in the case of Master’s degrees. The outcome of accreditation is either accreditation or “accreditation on-track-to-excellence”:
      • Accreditation: in this case, the study programme has successfully undergone accreditation, with an assessment that was either favourable (accreditation) or conditional (accreditation with prescriptions).
      • Accreditation-on-track-to-excellence: for a degree course that successfully undergoes accreditation and obtains an overall qualification of excellence.