Basic programme information

Data from the Secretariat for Universities and Research's Official Register of Higher Education Institutions and Degree Studies in Catalonia (ROC), which contains all information referring to higher education, universities, faculties and schools, structures and courses of study delivered in Catalonia (a register set up and regulated pursuant to Decree 76/2007, 27 March).

Quality assurance outcomes

Data from quality assurance procedures undertaken by AQU Catalunya.

Figures on access, enrolment and delivery

Data from UNEIX. UNEIX, an inter-university information system covering HEIs in Catalonia, is the outcome of a joint process between the Secretariat for Universities and Research, the twelve universities in Catalonia and AQU Catalunya. The purpose of UNEIX is to improve statistical information used in programme design, planning, programming, monitoring and accreditation, together with decision-making, in the university system in Catalonia.
The UNEIX project, which was started in 1999, integrates and provides a cross-sectional overview of all the information available on higher education in Catalonia.

Satisfaction and employment outcomes indicators

Data from the findings of the three-yearly graduate employment outcomes survey and the annual satisfaction survey carried out by AQU Catalunya for universities and Arts higher education institutes in Catalonia.